All Seasons Gas Grill and Fireside Shop Testimonials

“Thank you so much, Dave. You really can't know how much this means to our family... We gave the gift certificate for a mantel to our mom & step-dad last Christmas. They built their log home together more than 15 years ago and never managed to get around to finding a mantel they loved. Hal (our beloved step dad) was a huge Christmas fan and would decorate the whole place with wreaths, ornaments, lights and a magnificent tree every year - it became a family joke that there was never a place to hang the stockings! Unfortunately, Hal was diagnosed with late stage renal cancer and passed away much more quickly than any of us expected this past March. They never got around to picking out a mantel. Our mom is now doing it herself, sadly alone, and we're all looking forward to seeing family photos and stockings hanging from their new (Log Style) mantel. I greatly appreciate your help with this.

Sincere thanks and happy holidays to you and yours,”

Jennifer Tripp

Franklin, KY.

“Dave, I called your competitor first and even after several calls, never heard back. I called your company and Jason came out that day, measured my fireplace and put in my new gas logs. You know the meaning of “customer service.”

Thank You,

Ann Cisco

Bowling Green, KY



I wanted to take the time to thank you and the team for the great job in getting our Regency Stove Insert ordered and installed. The stove arrived much sooner than we had expected much to our delight. The install guys did a fantastic job with manufacturing a surround to fill in the gap from our oversized fireplace and the surround that Regency sent. It matched perfectly and the stove looks great. They even took the time to give me some pointers on getting a fire started in a cold stove. If only I could deal with professionals like this in everything that we do.

Thanks again,

Randy Wright

Gallatin, TN.

“We came to your place last Saturday and bought logs and had them installed yesterday...we love them!! Thanks for your help Daniel helped us and everyone was very nice. We will come back again and tell our friend...(we only have one)!”


Jim Clardy

Beachmont, TN.

"Dear Dave & Crew,

My new gas logs look great and keep the den warm and cozy. The installer did such a good job and gave me instructions too! I'm VERY pleased with my logs. Thanks for making my home, after the tornado, more enjoyable."

Doris Cloar

To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I recently moved to Monterey, TN and bought a home in the mountains. It was missing a fireplace/furnace which we wanted as a primary heating source to save money. We had absolutely no experience with this whole fireplace thing, so we had to educate ourselves pretty quickly. We shopped around all of TN and could not find anyone we felt was fairly priced, honest, knowledgeable and upfront with the whole process. We finally decided it was time to look outside our area and happened come across All Seasons as one of the many places who serviced our area, although in Bowling Green, KY 2 ˝ hours away. Dave took my call, took his time, and got us the pricing and information we were looking for… My wife and I sighed in relief that our search was finally over. We placed our special order for the fireplace we wanted and completed the order entirely over the phone. In less than 3 weeks the fireplace arrived exactly as ordered and was installed yesterday. That’s what I call fast service done right. From soup to nuts, All Seasons took care of the whole project. They showed up on time, delivered first thing in the morning, and installed and framed in the fireplace in less than 4 hours. Mike and Aaron the installers were awesome, great quality work, professional and even had a great sense of humor. I’ve written this testimonial to help other people like us who is looking for an A+ fireplace store they can trust that is top notch. We dealt directly with Dave and Michael and our entire experience was nothing short of fantastic! We highly recommend All Seasons Gas Grill and Fireside Shop to do business with.

God Bless!


Jeff and Tracy Rafael

Monterey, TN

To: Dave Backs Re:DVL insert

Thanks Dave. Appreciate all the work that went in to this installation of our fireplace insert. We are vary satisfied with the finished product. I would like to say that the installer, "Mike," was very knowledgeable and did an outstanding job installing our insert. You have good folks working for you.

Thanks Dave,

John York

Brownsville, KY

All Seasons Gas Grill and Fireside Shop

All Seasons Gas Grills, Wood Stoves and Inserts


Wood, as a fuel source, has always been the most economical followed by wood pellets and then natural gas. The "new" wood stoves are nothing short of amazing! Instead of the 25% efficiency you get from traditional wood burning fireplaces, or the 50% from the old style, catalytic wood stoves; the new, high efficiency models give you 75% EFFICIENCY!

All Seasons Gas Grills and Smokers
All Seasons Gas Grill and Fireside Shop

That means your burn times are longer – less loading required – and it consumes less wood – fewer logs to cut and split. In short, the new high efficiency units will give you three times the heat for the same amount of wood. Now, that is amazing!

What's important, however, is the weight and warranty. I always tell our customers: "If you can carry a wood stove out the door, you don't have a wood stove; you have a wood burner."

While I always want to get enough to heat the square footage required, given the 20-30 year lifespan of most of these units, my main concern is the burn time and the size of the log it will take. Those two things determine how often you have to "feed the beast" and how many chain saw blades you'll be consuming over the next thirty years.

Consequently, All Seasons carries a full complement of front loading, side loading and top loading wood stoves both in plate steel and cast iron composition as well as wood burning inserts (to be installed into an existing fireplace) in a variety of sizes and material composition to suit your home perfectly.


Gas stoves have come a long way from the old "B-Vent," 50% efficient, room heater days, I grew up with as a child. The new vented units utilize "green smart" technology which automatically raises and lowers the flame AND gives you 80%+ efficiency.

All Seasons Gas Grill and Fireside Shop

The physical appearance, particularly on direct vents, is so close to the look of a real wood burning stove that it has even fooled me!! Same is true for inserts. We have a number of units on display and "live fired." Seeing is believing.


Ventfree gas stoves ,while being the most efficient, do have drawbacks. You're limited by code to no more than 39,000 BTU so the space they can heat is limited and the flame, while better than in the past, will appear small by comparison. The primary problem we hear is "film on the windows." The primarily by-product of gas combustion is hydrogen – which is the bulk of what we breath in everyday – which has now been heated and bonds with the oxygen in the room to form H2O (water vapor). It becomes a problem when the air in that room is still and allows the water vapor to condensate on the coldest spot in that room - which is normally the windows. Ventfree products, by their very nature, will also create a lot of dust during high pollen count and days and that dust combines with the water vapor to produce "film on the windows." The easiest and most effective way to eliminate the problem is to utilize a ceiling fan (on low speed) to push the air up against the ceiling, thereby, creating an air wash across the windows and not allowing the moisture to condensate. It also has the advantage of spreading the heat into other rooms and equalizing the temperature.


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